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Powered Parachute Technichute Microlight Aircraft. Never used, Enclosed trailer
Buy: $25000.0 AUD
aircraft powered parachute
Buy: $11900.0 AUD
aircraft airbourne edge
Buy: $7800.0 AUD
 paramototor chute and stand up harness.
Buy: $3900.0 AUD
aircraft kangook nanolight base and engine frame.
Buy: $1200.0 AUD
Pegasus Q Trike / Microlight aircraft
Buy: $6500.0 AUD
Wireless Aviation Intercom Headset KIT with Radio Link
Buy: $1200.0 AUD
Microlight Aeros 912 rotax cross country 2017 build
Buy: $62000.0 AUD
Airborne Microlight Trike XT 912 Arrow S Wing LSA Registered
$30000.0 AUD